Nepalese Institute of Critical Care Medicine (NICCM) is an umbrella academy of Nepalese Society of Critical Care Medicine (NSCCM) formed in 2023 AD with the aim for establishment of clinical fellowship in critical care medicine in Nepal so that these fellows will be providing services in the ICUs all over the nation. NICCM stands as a not-for-profit academic institution, meticulously crafted under the auspices of the National Society of Critical Care Medicine (NSCCM). Operating with complete autonomy and authority over its academic programs, NICCM is dedicated to advancing the field of critical care medicine within the nation.

A primary focus of NICCM's mission is the establishment of clinical fellowships in critical care medicine across Nepal. By cultivating a cadre of skilled and dedicated healthcare professionals, these clinical fellows will play a pivotal role in elevating the standard of intensive care units (ICUs) nationwide. Through rigorous training and academic programs, NICCM aims to equip these fellows with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide exceptional critical care services, addressing the evolving healthcare needs of the nation.