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About Fellowship in Adult Critical Care (FACC)

Critical Care Medicine (CCM) has been recognized as a subspecialty across the world since the early 1990s. But in Nepal, CCM is emerging as an upcoming specialty and there is a huge shortage of dedicated trained manpower.

There has been development of DM CCM programs in DM in Critical Care Medicine since 2014 which was started by the Institute of Medicine. Few batches have already graduated but despite that there is a huge deficit in trained intensivists who can manage a tertiary level ICU. Thus, this Fellowship in Adult Critical Care (FACC) has been designed to fill that gap and train MD Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology specialists with required knowledge and skills to become competent Intensivists.

After the completion of this Fellowship course, the graduate will be a qualified “Intensivist” who will work in ICU for the management of Critically ill patients in ICU and in the hospital, take leadership roles in the multidisciplinary management of critically ill patients, and ensure regular and smooth functioning of ICU with evidence based standard of care for Critically ill patients.

The Intensivist will have required skills in resuscitation, airway management, basics of mechanical ventilation, hemodynamic support, postoperative management of complex surgical conditions, basic and advanced life support, toxicology and management of various other conditions like sepsis, septic shock, ARDS, VAP, endocarditis, severe metabolic and endocrine derangements, etc. or life-threatening situations in an adult.