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Message from President

Dear Colleagues!!
It is my privilege and honor to welcome you all to this third conference of Nepalese Society of Critical
Care Medicine (NSCCMCON). With our past experiences, present performances and achievements
we look forwards to uplift our knowledge skill, attitude, practice and capability to provide critical care
services in this country.
At this date, Critical Care Medicine is an important branch of modern medicine with clinicians from
various specialties and also Critical Care is not only confined to ICU but has extended to the whole
hospital including step down units, emergency, rapid response team and cardiac arrest teams.
Currently there are very few Intensivists working in Nepal. This number is far less to meet the increased
demand of ICU services. So it is the need of time that our society should be involved in developing
academic fellowship programs to meet the need of the nation.
NSCCM is also collaborating with other professional societies including Society of Internal Medicine
of Nepal (SIMON), Society of Anesthesiologists of Nepal (SAN), Cardiac Society of Nepal (CSN) and
performing workshops and CMEs for regular upgrading of its members in various field of medicine.
NSCCM is also collaborating with Critical Care Nurses Association of Nepal (CCNAN) for the upliftment
of Critical Care Nurses.
NSCCM is also collaborating with Nepal Critical Care Development Foundation (NCCDF) for creating
awareness and other social activities on Sepsis Day and Hand Hygiene Campaign.
NSCCM has now published NSCCM ICU protocols that are based on latest evidence and will serve as
the minimum set standard of care in ICUs of Nepal and will help to improve quality of care in our ICUs.
This protocol will be revised in a regular basis with feedback from all.
I wish grand success of the conference and comfortable stay of all our delegates.
Dr. Lava N. Joshi

Organizing Chairman, Third NSCCMCON, and
President, Nepalese Society of Critical Care Medicine (NSCCM)